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Scanitto Pro Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Scanitto Pro

Scanitto Pro is a simple, yet very powerful scanning software suite loaded with market-leading features.
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Scanitto Pro a fost chilipirul zilei în 5 septembrie 2011

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Scanitto Pro este un program de scanare simplu, dar în același timp puternic ce are încorporat caracteristici de top. Dacă vă aflați în căutarea unul instrument rapid de loadare și scanare ușor de utilizat conceput pentru crearea de copii digitale ale documentelor dvs. într-o varietate de formate, atunci Scanitto Pro este oein alegere în materie de programe de scanare.

Caracteristici cheie:

  • Formate multiple – salvați documentele scanate în format PDF, BMP, JPG, TIFF, JP2 și PNG.
  • Creare document cu mai multe pagini – creați mai multe pagini PDF simplu și sigur.
  • Copiere şi printare cu doar un click – administraţi uşor scanare, copierea şi printarea documentelor.
  • Recunoaştere optică a caracterelor – utilă în editare şi căutare text a documentelor scanate.

Cerinţe minime de sistem:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7


Masters ITC Software

Pagina de pornire:


Dimensiunile fişierului:

10.5 MB



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Developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Developed by Microsoft
Developed by Foxit Software Inc.
Developed by Microsoft

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Installs and runs OK on Win 7 x64 and recognises installed scanner.

Program interface is less cluttered than Epson's own software. The limited number of settings (e.g. can't select 8/16/24 bit colour, or do much to 'correct' images show thar ScanIt Pro is text-focussed).

'Online help' simply lets you download pdf helpfile (not included in installation package) - every time you click it! Would be nice to be able to reset the button to open the downloaded file.

Ruler on preview image is imperial by default. No (obvious) way to change this to metric or other scales.

It ought to be possible to rotate images in preview window.

The buttons for converting scans to multipage PDF/TIFF or recognising text are located on the right of the viewer pane (Not that obvious on first use).

It would be useful to be able to save/switch between settings. I'd also like to see a history/most used list of save folders. File browse should start in the existing directory rather than with the desktop(?).

I'll leave someone else to comment on the OCR (Doesn't work with upside-down images that can't be rotated) but the program recognises layouts quite nicely.

I couldn't use the program to OCR existing files. Since it doesn't even let you see existing image files in the directory, you can only work on pages scanned in the current session. This is a failing.

For those lacking/needing simple PDF scanning/OCR this seems an OK but limited solution that needs some more work. Didn't find any online reviews.

Steve  –  9 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+107)

I have HP Scanjet G2410, already installed and using HP software.

Installed scanittopro on my Win XP -32 SP3, and the program corrupted
the already installed HP software. Scanittopro did not install.

Uninstalled HP, and scanittopro installed properly. However, the software looked basic, compared to HP software.

Uninstalled Scanittopro (did very smoothly) and reinstalled HP back.

bachupan  –  9 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+53)

Unfortunately does not appear to be able to detect a scanner incorporated in a wireless 'all-in-one' printer.

etsac  –  9 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+33)

#3 HP do not support Windows 7 drivers for my printer. This program installed and activated in Windows 7 without problem. Scanner works fine.

StanUK  –  9 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+26)

Despite using Canon's own Windows 7 drivers for my scanner, the Canon software only works until I try to make a colour copy. Then all I get is a solid black page, although the preview works?

I then have to totally uninstall all related Canon software, drivers etc, AND do a registry clean of anything Canon related before it will work again. Got somewhat fed up of doing this over the last two years, and had virtually written the scanner off.

Installed today's offering, and the scanner was recognised, scanned perfectly, and made a wonderful colour copy of a photograph!

Scanitto Pro has so far passed every test thrown at it, including maximum resolution colour pictures.

Apart from being free it has also rescued my scanner! Thank You.

Windows 7, 64 bit. A valuable addition to my utilities.

Keith Alston  –  9 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+25)

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