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Wondershare Video Studio Express 1.2.0 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Wondershare Video Studio Express 1.2.0

Wondershare Video Studio Express 1.2.0 is designed for Windows users to edit SD & HD video clips to make Hollywood-like movies with background music and transition effects.
$35.00 EXPIRAT
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Wondershare Video Studio Express 1.2.0 a fost chilipirul zilei în 25 noiembrie 2010

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Redimensionarea inteligentă a imaginii, micșorarea imaginii și eliminarea obiectelor.

Wondershare Video Studio Express 1.2.0 este conceput pentru utilizatorii Windows pentru a edita video clipuri SD şi HD şi pentru a crea filme precum cele de la Hollywood cu muzică de fundal şi efecte de tranziţie. Pînă şi începătorii pot edita cu uşurinţă fişiere video creative şi le pot încărca direct pe YouTube sau le pot exporta pe iPhone, iPad şi iPod pentru a le împărtăşi cu ajutorul acestui program de editare video.

Caracteristici cheie:

    • Editaţi independent video & audio prin tăiere, împărţire, unire, decupare şi rotire.
    • Adăugaţi/editaţi fundalul muzical şi efecte de tranziţie pentru a personaliza video clip-urile
    • Îmfrumuseţaţi video clip-urile ajustând luminozitatea, constrastul şi saturaţia
    • Încărcaţi direct video clip-urile dvs. pe YouTube
    • Salvaţi video clip-urile în format potrivit pentru a fi redate pe dispozitive portabile cum ar fi iPhone, iPad, PSP, iPod, Wii, Zune, etc.
    • Diverse formate SD şi HD input şi output.


      Pentru a activa acest program, trebuie să vă înregistraţi în pagina producătorului (versiunea completă, gratuit). Apoi veţi avea acces la codul de înregistrare, cu care puteţi activa programul.

      Cerinţe minime de sistem:

      Windows 7/ Vista/ XP; Processor: Intel or AMD processor, 1GHz or above; RAM: 512 MB or above


      Wondershare Software

      Pagina de pornire:


      Dimensiunile fişierului:

      17.6 MB



      GIVEAWAY download basket

      Developed by MPCSTAR
      Transform media files for playback on various devices.
      Developed by VSO Software
      View the feedback from multiple IP cameras.

      Comentarii la Wondershare Video Studio Express 1.2.0

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      The Good
      * Straightforward and easy to use.
      * Supports many input audio/video (HD & SD) formats, output video formats (HD & SD), and a handful of electronic devices.
      * Users can add custom background audio (in addition to the audio that comes with input videos).
      * Allows users to perform basic edits on input videos.
      * Has 48 transition effects users can use.
      * Allows users to modify volume level of input audio (the audio that comes with input videos and the audio files imported separately).
      * Can upload videos directly to Youtube.

      The Bad
      * Lacks the ability to add custom text (such as titles, captions, and credits).
      * Lacks the ability to use still images (JPG, PNG, etc.) in videos.
      * Has many transitions but lacks on number of effects (only has four).
      * Once a transition has been placed on a video, it is impossible to tell what transition it is short of previewing the video.

      Free Alternatives
      MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 Silver
      Windows Movie Maker/Windows Live Movie Maker

      For final verdict, recommendations, and full review please click here.

      Ashraf  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+182)

      A message from Wondershare Software:

      Installation and Registration

      1. Unzip the package you've downloaded and install the software;
      2. Run the software you installed;
      3. Click "Get KeyCode" button, enter your e-mail address on the popup page to get keycode;
      (Note: After enter your e-mail address, you can directly get the keycode on the webpage, and you also can find it in your mailbox.)
      4. Type your e-mail address and the keycode to run the software;
      5. Then you can use all the functions of the software now.

      Please follow above steps to register the program. You are recommended to run the program under administrator account.

      Wondershare provides free online support for this giveaway. If you have questions about this Video Studio Express, please feel free to contact our technical support directly at Wondershare Support Centeror mail us at: support@wondershare.com

      More benefits:
      To celebrate Thanksgiving, Wondershare has released exclusive discounts only for GOTD users.
      Get Video to DVD Burner and Photo Collage Studio for Thanksgiving and Enjoy 60% Off, to make your holiday memories live for long.

      Giveaway of the Day project team  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+46)

      I've just downloaded & will post more later, but for now in case it helps anyone...

      One of the feedback suggestions was to add fade in/out -- the traditional way of doing that, &/or the fades between clips or scenes, it to use a short back or white clip at either end of the regular video clip [&/or between 2] & then use whatever transitions. BTW & FWIW, fancy transitions are often [but not always] considered fairly amateurish. When it fits with what you're doing, the most commonly used pro transition is called an L cut, where you use simple audio & video fades, but not at the same time, hence the name: L cut [on the timeline the different start points look like an L or it's mirror image].

      * * *

      RE: subs or CC [#3, #6, #7]... On a DVD & with digital broadcast in North America standard CC is text that is embedded inside the mpg2 video -- DVDLab & Encore are the 2 apps consumers use that I'm aware of that will do this embedding, & without re-encoding. Cable broadcast HD CC is more like subs [can't pass regular CC over HDMI], which are a separate, graphics overlay stream included in the VOB file of a DVD, or m2ts files with Blu-Ray & AVCHD. AFAIK no video editor really does anything with subs -- the text files they're based off of can be created in several free apps just for that purpose, & those or other apps, plus a few DVD &/or Blu-Ray authoring programs can turn them into the normal image based sub files or streams that players overlay on the video. Windows media, Real Video, MKV, Nero digital mp4 files, DivX etc., even Shockwave Flash can also do subs or captioning, but the players that will display it are limited. In most of these formats the subs are also separate from the video itself, created with the same sorts of tools used for DVD & Blu-Ray subs, then combined in a container with or stored alongside the video, usually as text rather than graphics-based files. Creating those text files has been traditionally done in a way that's very similar to typing up dictation &/or court reporting, but for the last several years there have been advances in voice recognition -- Google is IMHO leading the way, putting this tech to work with YouTube & their phone apps... YouTube can create captions or subs using your uploaded video. Finally, several apps including a few of the video converters that have been on GOTD can hard code or burn subs, meaning they're overlaid on the video before encoding -- generally this isn't that popular or widely used because it forces everyone to see them, not just those who want or need them.

      * * *

      #7: "... because every time you render a video its quality diminishes."

      Generational loss has always been a fact of life for digital video -- if it helps, the usual strategies are 1) start with original video at greatest possible quality, 2) stick with (near) lossless video formats (codecs) for intermediate video files, 3) when possible & when it applies, use apps that feature Smart Rendering... you can also minimize quality loss by avoiding changes in the video format's color space or method of storing color data [effected by both your choice of formats & software]. The way Smart Rendering works, is video that doesn't change is not re-encoded but just copied as-is into the new file; it works very well when the only changes are where scenes come together, but not at all when you change everything, e.g. do something like change the brightness or color.

      * * *

      #9: "... One such example is the very popular Windows Live Movie Maker..."

      The problem with Microsoft's video stuff is it of course relies on wmv... Windows Media Video has loads of good things going for it, but it's just plain hard to work with, there aren't as many tools avail as there maybe should be (many advanced encoding settings have to be made in the registry for example), & it's *very* slow, with inefficient encoding/decoding. Yes the VC1 version did make it as a standard for HD, but there aren't many ways to encode it [Windows Media Encoder won't -- in fact MS only released the code on how to write an encoder, not a VC1 encoder itself], & it's still a PITA to work with.

      * * *

      If it's of any interest, while not direct competition to Video Studio Express, if you need/want more, Adobe is running a special till the end of month on Premiere Elements [I've seen $50 after MIR], but be aware it won't do full HD.

      Happy Thanksgiving

      mike  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+34)

      Here is the guide.Thank.

      Do Do Re  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+27)

      Nice package for free, but it's missing the one feature I NEED in a video editor, and will still be using the Free VirtualDub for until something better comes along.

      Image sequences.

      Why so few video editors refuse to accept image sequences is beyond me. I do lots of animation, from 3D stuff to Fractal Animation, and almost all of the software I use creates numbered image sequences. I hardly ever use video files as a starting point (don't even own a camera!) and really need to be able to compile image sequences into video files. Fortunately, VirtualDub does this, and it is free! Get it at http://virtualdub.sourceforge.net/

      If Wondershare's offering did this, it would be a Wonderful Tool, as it is - it's just mediocre at best (for my purposes).

      I hope the kind folks who provided this software will consider adding this feature to a future version (and give it away here??).

      Otherwise, it does support many video formats that are hard to find editors for (like rm, and mkv and even some I never heard of!), so I'm still likely to find uses for it on rare occasions, but only on rare occasions.

      Thanks for this giveaway!

      Noah Body  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+23)

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