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Inpaint 3.0 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Inpaint 3.0

Inpaint reconstructs the selected image area from the pixel near the area boundary.
$39.99 EXPIRAT
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Inpaint 3.0 a fost chilipirul zilei în 19 iulie 2011

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AbstractCurves este un generator de imagini pentru a crea imagini de fundal sau postere uimitoare.

Inpaint reconstituie aria selectată a imaginii din pixelii alaturaţi ariei. Inpaint înlătură obiectele nedorite din imagini. Șterge orice obiect dintr-o fotografie,  cum sunt liniile de înaltă tensiune, oameni, text ... Programul vă selecta automat aria ce trebuie ştearsă.

Este incredibil de uşor de utilizat. Mărcaţi zona din jurul obiectului pe care doriţi să-l înlăturaţi din poză şi rulaţi smart remove. Inpaint va umple aria selectată cu o textură inteligent generată adusă din zona învecinată a selecţiei făcute.

Noi Caracteristici 3.0

    • Interfaţă nou-nouţă
    • Algoritm Inpaint îmbunătăţit
    • Optimizarea întregului program
    • Disponibil în limbile germană, franceză, norvegiană, portugheză și spaniolă

      Puteți găsi tutoriale InPaint aici.

      Cerinţe minime de sistem:

      Windows 2000 and higher



      Pagina de pornire:


      Dimensiunile fişierului:

      3.14 MB



      GIVEAWAY download basket

      Developed by CyberLink Corp.
      Developed by PhotoInstrument
      Create, manage, copy and edit custom images.
      Developed by Mirillis Ltd.

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      Comentarii de top în engleză

      Nice, concise (3.1 MB total download) little graphic utility. Installed flawlessly on my Windows 7 64 bit system.
      The idea is, you load up a graphic image and then use a virtual highlighter to indicate the object you want to remove, then tell the software to remove the object you selected. In theory, the software will clone the background outside the object you selected and replace the object with it, in essence removing the object from the picture and showing what was behind it. Based on the images I have tried so far, the software did a reasonably good job, but what not without some glitches. Depending on what you are trying to do, you might be better off using Photoshop or the like's magic wand, but this product is unique in what it does, I have personally not seen anything quite like it. All in all, a nice graphic utility utilizing VERY LITTLE disk space with a well designed interface. Thanks GOTD and Inpaint !!

      TecKnight  –  10 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+67)

      This is a great program. It was offered in version 2 and then in version 3 on January 12, 2011.

      If this is a newer or improved version of 3 I would definitely want to install it, but if it is the same as the last, it makes no sense to.

      Anyone know if this is the same or new?

      It would really be thoughtful if the developers would state that this is "NEW" or "IMPROVED" or anything to give us a clue!

      Thanks GAOTD!

      Dan  –  10 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+60)

      Summary: Inpaint is a fantastic little tool which is very simple to use. While it is not a "miracle worker", it is pretty close. In most cases I find its output far surpasses my expectations. Nine times out of ten it is highly effective at quickly removing text, blemishes and undesired regions from complex images, without leaving any easily detectable traces.

      I reinstalled Inpaint 3.0 today out of curiosity and I can confim that it is not worth reinstalling for those who downloaded version 3.0 in January - but its is very much worth installiing for those who didn't! I have both version 2.4 and version 3.0 installed, and I recommend keeping both if you have the earlier giveaway because there are some features in version 2.4 which were removed; they are different products, with different strengths.

      Really, all you need to know about Inpaint 3.0 is this: After you've selected an area to be replaced with the (beautifully resizeable) drawing tool, a rectangular selection tool automatically appears. This is used to define the replacement texture. If your results aren't perfect first time with the default placement, try dragging the rectangle into a new position. If you want to resize your drawing tool to do some finer or coarser selection, just ignore the rectangular tool. It will disappear as soon as you start drawing again. No processing will take place until you press the blue arrow.

      #13 kEN, today's download does not have "half the number of megabytes" of January's download. It is almost but not exactly identical in size. It is the same version 3.0, but it was built in April 2011 whereas January's giveaway was built in December 2010. I cannot detect any changes in functionality, which is not surprising, since the version number is unchanged.

      #17 Micke, it is crazy to suggest that GIMP is a freeware alternative. Although GIMP is very powerful and produces high quality output in confident and experienced hands, it is far too unfriendly for casual use by the average user. I use GIMP myself for specific tasks, having spent ages figuring out how to use its complicated and totally unhelpful interface, and I have no idea how to use its clone tool effectively. I also haven't got the time to spare to find out! All I can say for a fact about GIMP's clone tool is that it's certainly not intuitive. Inpaint on the other hand is an absolute piece of cake, which a child could use with ease.

      #18 PhilS, the first thing I did after installing today's giveaway was scrape the demo images off the website, and use them as test data. My results were as good as those displayed on the website, and for two of the three images, I only had to run Inpaint once. For the third image I had to run it twice. So contrary to your comment, great results can be achieved very quickly in some cases, and can certainly be achieved with the company's demo images.

      Thanks very much to TeoreX and GOTD for this great giveaway.

      Julia  –  10 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+58)

      This is a different version 3.0 than the one which we were offered previously. I generally like Inpaint, even bought a license to it on discount, but if the developer can't be bothered to use real version numbers and change logs then I can't be bothered to hunt for the differences. The new activation code is one character shorter than old code, doesn't indication registration status.

      Fubar  –  10 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+45)


      * Smooth download, installation, activation on Vista 64-bit.
      * Simple, straightforward GUI.
      * Easy to navigate and use.
      * Has undo, redo, clear-selection features.
      * Allows saving edited images as: jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, gif formats.
      * Has marker size range of: 5-100.
      * Actual use - I chose a spot on my image, marked it with a marker size of 30, clicked "inpaint", and it was gone in an instant - with very nice, effective results.

      Cons - none that I can see at the moment.

      Summary - Inpaint is a simple, effective tool for removing unwanted image elements - it does exactly as it says - thanks GOTD & TeoreX.

      Freeware Options via @CNET.COM

      Magic Inpainter (32-bit)
      Magic Inpainter (64-bit)
      Magic Inpainter Express


      Inas  –  10 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+44)

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