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iCare Format Recovery 4.6 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — iCare Format Recovery 4.6

iCare Format Recovery este un program capabil să recupereze fişierele de pe hard disk-ul formatat indiferent că face o recuperare rapidă sau una completă.
$69.95 EXPIRAT
Părerea utilizatorilor: 483 0 comentarii

iCare Format Recovery 4.6 a fost chilipirul zilei în 24 februarie 2012

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Găsiți și recuperați majoritatea cheilor de program și joc!

iCare Format Recovery este un program capabil să recupereze fişierele de pe hard disk-ul formatat indiferent că face o recuperare rapidă sau una completă sau reformează de două ori.... Este deasemenea capabil să rezolve problemele legate de partiţionare cum ar fi un hard disk care nu a fost formatat si pe care doriţi să-l formataţi acum. Acest program dispune de o interfaţă simplă şi nu necesită cunoştinţe tehnice pentru a recupera chiar dvs. datele.

Ce aduce nou această versiune?

  • Recuperează fişiere când partiţia nu prezintă erori de formatare;
  • Recuperează fişiere de pe hard disk-urile formatate, hard disk-uri externe formatate, card de memorie, card flash, USB, pen drive, memorie flash, etc.;
  • Recuperează rapid fişierele de pe partiţiile formatate, formatatea completă a hard disk-ului, chiar formatarea de două ori;
  • Stabilizarea sistemului de fişiere RAW şi recuperarea fişierelor:
  • CHKDSK nu este disponibil pentru hard disk-urile raw;
  • Ocupă 0 biţi pe hard.

Cerinţe minime de sistem:

Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/ Server 2008/2003/2000


iCare Recovery

Pagina de pornire:


Dimensiunile fişierului:

4.50 MB



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Developed by Informer Technologies, Inc.
View, manage, encrypt, pack, and unpack archive files.
Heal up your system and speed up your PC with the help of 25.
Developed by IObit

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Comentarii de top în engleză

Of course #1 is a fake recommendation. See this, posted yesterday:

"By far the best TagScanner program out there. I’ve used it for years with nothing but satisfaction. As a paying customer I don’t need today’s giveaway but wanted to encourage others to try it. You won’t be disappointed. Every now and then GAOTD has a real gem that you don’t expect to see offered here because the program is already well known and top of the line. Today’s giveaway is one of those gems. Do yourself (and your computer) a favor and get this.

And yes, I’ve tried all the other TagScanner out there over the years but for my money Your TagScanner is head and shoulders above the competition. Thanks, GAOTD. I was both shocked and pleased to see this offered here.
Comment by gole — February 23rd, 2012 at 5:48 am "

radu  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+433)

I'm through with GOTD. I've been visiting off and on since the beginning and I learned a long time ago that both the ratings system and comments are a joke. But now it's become a dishonest joke. I've noticed much more often recently that the rating system is manipulated to a ridiculous extent. (It's always the case with Aieesoft giveaways.) And the comments are often loaded with fake posts praising the offer. It's been called to the attention of the moderators on many occasions and ignored. They'll suppress comments that don't serve their purpose but turn a blind eye to blatant shilling and lying. I doubt I'll miss the site. I know where to find freeware, and that was the only positive thing this site offered: freeware suggestions. The giveaways were very rarely worth the download. If they had been there would be no need for GOTD and their customers to lie and try to trick people into using them.

I highly doubt this will pass moderation, but it felt nice just to vent.

Jack Stranz  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+297)

#1 this typically looks like a fake recommendation, or is messing up your system your hobby ?

Peter Wiener  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+234)

@gole (#1): "And yes, I’ve tried all the other iCare Format Recovery 4.6 out there over the years".
Looks like the result of an "adulation-script" :)

Peter  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+218)

@1 - There's something very wrong with this sentence: "By far the best iCare Format Recovery 4.6 program out there," and again with this one:".. all the other iCare Format Recovery 4.6 out there.." Mindlessly produced nonsense, if you ask me. Also: if you use this program "over the years with nothing but satisfaction" -how many times a year do you crash your hard disk(s)?

Hugi  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+212)

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