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Drive Copy 9.5 Personal Edition (English Version)  Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Drive Copy 9.5 Personal Edition (English Version)

Create a virtual clone of your PC, including operating system, drivers and settings, all your applications and files.
$29.95 EXPIRAT
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Drive Copy 9.5 Personal Edition (English Version) a fost chilipirul zilei în 25 mai 2010

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The best iOS data manager and transfer software.

Creaţi-vă propria clonă a computerului, inclusiv a sistemului de operare, a hard-disk-urilor şi a tuturor setărilor, aplicaţiilor şi fişierelor. Salvaţi totul pe un stick USB şi să-l folosiţi pe un alt computer, ca şi cum aţi lucra de pe propriul dvs. computer.

Folosiţi Drive Copy Personal pentru a migra uşor pe un nou hard disk sau chiar pe un hardware diferit fără reinstalare, creaţi imagini de backup ale hard disk-ului, efectuaţi operaţii de partiţionare şi multe altele.

Cum să faceţi sistemul mobil cu Drive Copy 9.5:

  1. Creaţi o clonă virtuală a computerului dvs. Inclusiv a sistemului de operare, a hard-disk-urilor şi a setărilor, a tuturor aplicaţiilor şi fişierelor.
  2. Puteţi alege formatul mediului virtual. Alegeţi formatul preferat - VMWARE sau MS Virtual PC. Utilizatorii noi pot descarca un player virtual gratuit din pagina oficială a furnizorului preferat.
  3. Salvaţi o clonă virtuală a computerului dvs. pe un USB. Salvaţi un player virtual pe acelaşi USB şi utilizaţi astfel computerul dvs. oriunde.
  4. Computerul dvs. este acum ca un portofel! Introduceţi stick-ul USB în alt computer, instalaţi un player virtual şi utilizaţi computerul dvs. oricând aveţi nevoie.

Trăsături cheie şi noi caracteristici:

  • Suport (32/64 de biţi) pentru Windows 7. Realizează orice operaţie pe Windows 7.
  • Interfaţă refăcută. Interfaţă îmbunătăţită pe două nivele (Uşor/Avansat) pentru a satisface nevoile fiecărui utilizator.
  • Suport pentru majoritatea maşinilor virtuale. MS Virtual PC, VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion.
  • Opţiuni variate de migrare. Migraţi pe alt hard disk, pe un alt hardware, pe o maşină virtuală, migraţi hard disk-ul Apple.
  • Copie P2V. Migraţi Win2K şi un sistem fizic într-un mediu virtual.
  • Sistem de operare cu ajustare P2P. Faceţi sistemul de operare să pornească după o migrare nereuşită cu uneltele realizate de terţe părţi.
  • Smart Driver Injector. Procesul de adăugare a hard disk-urilor noi va deveni mai uşor şi mai lin.
  • Dispozitiv simplu de backup şi recuperare date. Transformaţi procesul de adăugare a noilor hard disk-uri într-unul lin ţi uşor. Creaţi imagini compresate ale gard disk-ului sau ale unei partiţii.

Informaţii detaliate despre produs găsiţi pe: site-ul Paragon Drive Backup 10.0 Professional Edition

Dacă utilizaţi un sistem pe 64 de biţi, urmaţi această legătură aici.

Limitări: Fişierul nu include WinPE.

Suport tehnic:

În perioada „Giveaway” Paragon Software oferă suport tehnic la http://twitter.com/paragonsoftware. Vă rugăm adresaţi întrebările dumneavoastră dacă întâmpinaţi probleme în timp ce descărcaţi, înregistraţi sau utilizaţi programul software. Echipa de suport Paragon Software vă va răspunde în cel mai scurt timp posibil.

Cerinţe minime de sistem:

Windows XP Home Edition / Vista (x32/x64)/ 7(x32/x64) and XP Professional SP1/SP2 (x32/x64)/ 2000 Professional SP4; Intel Pentium or compatible, 300MHz or higher processor; 128 MB RAM; 40 Mb HD space; Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, SVGA video adapter and monitor.


Paragon Software

Pagina de pornire:


Dimensiunile fişierului:

101 MB



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Disk2vhd will create a virtual hard disk from your PC's hard disk


which you can use in VirtualPC or VirtualBox

It's less than 1MB, it's FREE from Microsoft, needs no registration. I highly highly recommend it.

Onter  –  13 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+95)

In case anyone's having trouble getting the registration page to come up, the URL is http://www.paragon-software.com/registration/dc95pers.html.

(I really wish they would include that information in the readme.)

Jim Stone  –  13 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+88)

@ #4 Keith Alston said "What a waste of space! I currently have 3 hard disks, and back up daily to a 1 Tb USB drive, automatically, during the night."

Hi Folks
Why do a handful of visitors to this site have to criticise software here - when it's obvious THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND IT ??? !!! ???

This software is NOT a BackUp & Restore software - Paragon does several of those already. This is a Virtulise & Go software !
Those of you who've been reading my notes in the last year will know that I recommend using a 'Virtual PC' to trial softwares etc. & this software is an ideal starting point to that !
By creating a Virtual Copy of your PC - you have a better understanding what affect a new software might have. While the Virtual PC is not a 100% carbon as it uses Virtual Drivers - it is as close as you can get without having a second swapped hard drive.
Just because it can backup as a bi-product of it's functions - does not mean that is it's function !

It seems that anytime Paragon & similar companies put a program on this site . . . either Bubby or Mike ( the other one ) or myself etc. end up defending the software & it's developers aginst pointless criticism . . . WHY ??? We don't work for these companies - we just understand what the products are for.

If you're NOT SURE - if you DON'T UNDERSTAND what it's for - JUST ASK !!!
IT'S NOT 'ROCKET SURGERY' !!! . . . Sorry - I just love that line :o)

Anyway - by making these sweeping impropper statements against a software - just puts backs up & causes a higher level of negative feedback for the comment !
The negative comments @ no.4 have aquired '-45' the time here in the UK is 16:00 - the software has been live for 8 hours
( due to the US being behind GMT - GAOTD always goes live @08:00 here in the UK ! )

It seems by mentioning that they have loads of kit means what they say is supposed to be FACT - how many times do you hear Bubby, Ashraf , Mike or myself saying the total number of machines & hardware we have ?
I have several Lap's & PCs - different sizes - different jobs on a network - because that's what I choose to have & because it's what I do !
That hardware quantity doesn't make any difference to how good or otherwise the software is unless I've tried the program on each & it ran or failed on all or none of them ! The other viewers of the site take one look at 'I have millions of Gigs on my system - it's the best in the world' & all think the same thing - that's nice - do you get out at all ?

I hate shills on this site as much as anyone BUT what's worse is when there's someone who insists on proving that they didn't read the info & just assumed that the program's name meant it does what THEY EXPECTED it to do !
If you can't be bothered to read the details - DON'T BOTHER TO COMPLAIN !

Cheers For Now :o)

- - Mike - -
- Macs PC -</b

Macs-PC  –  13 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+81)

Comment by catlover @ #26 I have a desktop that is Windows 7 and a laptop that is running Vista . . . Can this be used to change my operating system in my laptop? I would love to have Windows 7 there as well

Hi Catlover & all other users unsure how you can make use of this software ...

I'll try to explain as basically as I can - With this software you are taking a SNAPSHOT or PHOTO of your Windows Drive as it is RIGHT NOW !
Then you need to install a "Virtual Machine" into the Target PC etc. This CAN BE the PC it was copied from - I recomment this to TRIAL new softwares - without clogging up your actual system !

Say you are using Win 7 BUT you really like your old XP system to & you don't want to give it up - NO PROBLEM !
simply run this software IN XP - then install a "Virtual Machine" onto the Win 7 machine ( I'd recommend either "MS Virtual PC 2007" or Sun's "Virtual Box" ).

Now load up your Virtual Windows XP SnapShot inside the Virtual Machine & you have XP as if it was installed from new !

This DOES NOT INSTALL XP onto your 7 PC - you don't get a Dual Boot to choose from !!!
the way it works is -
You load up the PC in Win 7 as usual - on completion - you click on the icon to open the "Virtual Machine" software. Now you load up the file with your XP SNAPSHOT in it
& there you have XP INSIDE Win 7 ! Because XP is running inside a "Virtual Machine" - you can flick between XP & other programs like your e-mail or Internet etc. & then back into XP again ! Never leaving Win 7 !!!

It's like driving a car up ramps onto the trailer flat-bed of a lorry - !?!? - stick with me - it will make sence . . . I HOPE :o)

Once the car is on the lorry - The Lorry is now in control ! It's on the ground & does running ! While YOU are on the lorry's flatbed also - You can still get into the car & you can still listen to the radio BUT all of the time you are still on the lorry - sort of a piggy-back !

To put it another way - Here in the UK we have several massive stores & Super Stores - I'm going to use ASDA as an example because in America they are known as Walmart.
Anyway - ASDA usually have big superstores that stand-alone. You walk from the car park straight into ASDA ! They are the dominant building with smaller departments within ( Bakery / groceries / clothes etc. ) BUT If ASDA was inside a Shopping Center complex - the store may look the same inside BUT you would have to pass through the main complex to get to ASDA - the complex would be the main entity with ASDA only an optional store to visit - ASDA would no longer be the dominent building - it would be a store WITHIN a larger complex - dependant on that complex !

Well . . . this is the same - you can load up XP while in Win 7 - you can run your XP programs that copied with the system & you can use the internet inside XP or install NEW programs inside XP
BUT XP IS NEVER IN CONTROL of your PC - Win 7 IS !!! You would load up XP in the same way as you would - Office or Encarta etc. It would be like A PROGRAM - an Environment WITHIN an environment !!!

Obviously the same is true in reverse - If you have a machine that is capable of running Win 7 BUT it's running XP - you can use a snapshot image of Win 7 INSIDE XP !
This time XP is in control of your PC & Win 7 is the one "inside the Virtual Space" With the screen Maximised - it looks, feels & runs like Win 7 BUT if you want to you can move back & forth from the Win 7 area to the larger - MAIN XP Environment.

When you've never seen a "Virtual Machine" run before - it's quite weird to view it for the first time !
You are looking at your normal windows BUT at the same time - in a program window - you can see all of the boot up messages as well - even the POST & BIOS ( the Black Screen & White Text / Info or Brand LOGO etc. when you first switch the PC on ) it is quite literally a VIRTUAL version of the machine it's running on at th time !!!

I know I've been talking very techincally BUT I hope you got the jist of what I was trying to explain ! Especially with the Lorry / Car thing - I've never tried to explain it like that before BUT I think it came out OK :o)

I hope I've been of help to some of you!

Cheers For Now :o)

- - Mike - -
- Macs PC -

Just a quick note to the GAOTD crew - PLEASE lose the "Stick It" icon - the only function it serves is to get in the way. I'm not going to tell you Where to stick it BUT you get the idea.
I end up having to click away from where I need the mouse - just so I can see what I'm doing because
The icon just sits there blocking whatever is behind it !!! I tried viewing the page in COMODO Dragon BUT It's even worse in there :o(
Can we PLEASE have an On/OFF switch for it ???

I know I'm not the first to ask & I doubt I'll be the last. Obviously you're getting paid for it to be there BUT PLEASE give us the option.

Macs-PC  –  13 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+49)

To save others some trouble here's a page at Paragon with two PDF files describing the Physical to Virtual (P2V) migration process. It includes links to the Microsoft and VMware Virtual PCs.

For those who'd prefer to forego the tedious registration procedure at VMware before they can download the file there, you can download it at FileHippo too. It's exactly the same file. (VMware-player-3.0.1-227600.exe - 94.333.096 bytes).
http://www.filehippo.com/download_vmware_player/tech/ (The green button top right).

Microsoft's Virtual PC page is here:

Ben  –  13 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+42)

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