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Bundle Storm v2 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Bundle Storm v2

Mii de articole pentru designeri creativi!
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Bundle Storm v2 a fost chilipirul zilei în 8 martie 2017

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Checks the health of your hard drives to protect you from sudden data loss.

Aceasta este una dintre cele mai mari pachete pentru profesioniștii din domeniul creației, gem ambalate cu icoane, texturi, imagini fractale, modele, personaje, fotografii de stoc și atât de mult mai mult. Ia-l de toate pentru GRATUIT! Poate fi folosit pentru uz personal și comercial funcționează! Creat contul este libertatea de a folosi timp de un an! Vă rugăm să descărcați arhiva noastră pentru instrucțiuni de înregistrare!


  • 2235 Icoane Vector: util pentru site-ul de navigare, interfețe de utilizator sau diverse alte aplicatii;
  • Biroul Băiat Mascota Crearea Setului: setul include o mascotă în 22 ipostaze diferite și 100 de accesorii;
  • Texturi fără sudură Mega Pack: spori desene cu unele dintre cele mai tari modele repetitive;
  • 2700+ fără Sudură PS Modele: perfect pentru personalizarea fundaluri pentru cel mai recent proiect;
  • High-res Texturi: soiuri unice din următoarele categorii: Caramizi, Pereti, Beton, Asfalt, Pietre, etc.;
  • 57 Imagini Fractale: Abstract fractal design de artă cu fracturi, panza de paianjen si fum de artă;
  • 320+ Trase de Mână bucle și Bucle: perfect pentru modele ornamentale;
  • Insigne și Bannere: acest set include diferite insigne, etichete și vreme să folosească pe proiecte;
  • 100+ de Crăciun Vector de Elemente: Pregătiți-vă sau clientii dumneavoastra pentru sezonul de iarnă;
  • 179 Vector Fluturi;
  • 160 Florale Vectori;
  • 50 de Dragoste Vector Ilustrații: Descărcați un pachet minunat cu dragoste legate de vectori;
  • 96 Ornamentale Vector de Elemente: simplu, delicat si elegant;
  • 325 Vector Panza De Paianjen;
  • 96 Vector Bule de Vorbire: colecție fantastică de mână-trase vector bule de vorbire;
  • Vector Cadre de Epocă: vechi este întotdeauna nou, atunci când vorbești despre retro și de epocă;
  • 2000+ Adobe Illustrator Simboluri: acest mega pachet include peste 70 de categorii de simboluri vectoriale;
  • 164 Suprapunere De Texturi;
  • Apple PSD Machete;
  • 175 Acuarelă Fotografii De Stoc;
  • 123 Mână Fotografii Stoc: un set de high-res fotografii de stoc, cu gesturi izolate pe fundal alb;
  • HDR Acțiuni + Long Shadow: inclus veți găsi HDR, HDR B/W, HDR Ascuțite, HDR Retro, lumina Soarelui + Shadow Creator.

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Windows, Mac



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"Can be used for personal and commercial works! The created account is free to use for one year! " What happens with the licence for those works after that 1 year? Can I still use it for commercial purpose? Is it still going to be legal?

Ola  –  6 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+21)

Ola, you can use the files after one year. But please make sure to download the files this year. Everything is legal and you will not have problems after one year if you use the files.

Bundlestorm  –  6 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+37)

I was excited to see the description of today's GOTD, and wondered why it's approval rating wasn't high in the 80's. The image previews provided above show very nice graphics available in the bundle. Comments were iffy (who wants to provide a PayPal address? not me!). But I gave it a go because I search for & use these types of graphical elements almost daily, and free is good. (I never had to give more than my email address, and most of us here know what to do about that.)


Free graphical elements in one place, and there's a lot of them (I guess -- I'm still moving files, unzipping, trying to figure out which file/folder is which, and how best to use the contained files).


This is NOT a program, extension or app -- this is literally you clicking individual links (24 of them) which lead you (24 times) to a download page on box.com to retrieve a zip file (24 of them) of the graphical elements offered. NOT IDEAL!!! but typical. This is something people like me do regularly (searching for elements we need & downloading from individual sites that we prefer), but it would have been nice to have an offer that, well, bundled it's bundles. This is GOTD, not "here's another of many available free resources online where you can download mega image packs one at a time!"

Before realizing this led to individual downloads, I was hoping for a user interface -- not even a whole elaborate bells & whistles program, but at least a standalone viewer for the graphical elements offered. There is none. Again, it's standard downloads of individual zipped images. This isn't a deal breaker, as we're usually left to our own preferred viewers & graphics programs, but this is just odd for a GOTD offering.

The zip files aren't labeled well. You literally end up with 24 downloaded zip files named Download1.zip, Download2.zip, all the way through Download24.zip. Incredibly nondescript names that tell us nothing, whereas the link titles ARE descriptive, like Badges and Banners. As it takes time to download each bundle, most of us won't attempt to download them all in one shot, so having to return to the page to retrieve the next bundle becomes a task of "which one did I download last??" and "did I download that one already?" Cumbersome and time-consuming. I currently have "Download6 (1).zip" after mistakenly downloading the same file twice. Not great.

There's no info on the size of these files. I was shocked to receive a notice that the drive I was downloading to was running out of space. These 24 zip files total 12.56 GB (and file #3 alone is 3.71GB!).

Upon extraction, some folders are actually empty (more useless clicks).

Would be nice to have png files in addition to the formats offered (but in their defense, many that offer ai, eps, psd and other files don't also offer a png format, but after all this chore to get them, it would have been a nice bonus addition to this process).

As GOTD users, we're taken to a sign-up page then through a (nicely) swift checkout, then the page of links. It would have been nice to see the sample images of each download ON this page. Info & samples of the images in the bundles is provided on the main page of site, to which there is no link from the page we GOTD users are routed to. You'll have to go to the main page manually and click & compare.


Thanks greatly for this offering. I just wish it wasn't so much work to get it, even at the cost of free.99.

Whisperly  –  6 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+31)

How do you cancel/delete a membership? I have not been able to find any online help or instructions for cancelling. I have deleted the one package that I successfully downloaded as well as the registration instructions. Thank you.

Edward  –  6 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (-1)

Edward, please note that this is not a paid membership. You can download the files and use it. Next year you will not be charged so you can use the files for lifetime.

Bundlestorm  –  6 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+26)

Indeed this is a change from the usual GOTD stuff. all the files are .eps or mac's .ai. I hardly use eps's so I need to convert what I want to png, that work better in video.

adif  –  6 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+7)

** To get inkscape open eps just follow this
worked for me.

adif  –  6 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+14)

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