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AthTek DigiBand Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — AthTek DigiBand

AthTek DigiBand is a handy music program for Windows that can automatically compose music on your computer.
$49.95 EXPIRAT
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AthTek DigiBand a fost chilipirul zilei în 4 iulie 2013

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Un software de conversie multimedia, care este proiectat pentru a simplifica viața ta.

AthTek DigiBand este un program inteligent de muzică ce a fost conceput pentru a improviza automat un acompaniament într-un fişier audio existent  sau chiar a fredonatului. Poate fi folosit de asemenea ca un program de compunere muzică, fiind capabil să creeze muzică printr-un singur click. Acesta permite utilizatorilor să scrie o melodie pentru a fi cântată şi redată. Dispune de ghiduri directe pentru compunerea muzicii şi a acompaniamentului, astfel că până chiar şi un începător îl poate folosi cu uşurinţă pentru a crea muzică originală.

Trăsături cheie:

  • Compuneţi muzică automat;
  • Improvizaţi un acompaniament a unui fişier audio existent;
  • Improvizaţi un acompaniament după fredonat;
  • Suportă instrumente complexe;
  • Suportă instrumente cu structură complexă;
  • Dispune de emoţii muzicale complexe;
  • Puteţi activa funcţia de improvizaţie pentru inspiraţie;
  • Ghiduri inteligente pentru un start reuşit;
  • Compatibil cu Windows XP, Vista, 7 şi Windows 8.

Cerinţe minime de sistem:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above; 512 MB RAM; 100MB space for installation


AthTek Software

Pagina de pornire:


Dimensiunile fişierului:

57.7 MB



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Dear GOTD users,

we apologize for the missunderstanding about the license duration. We have discussed the issue with the Developer and agreed on the lifetime license, so it’s not going to expire after one year of usage.

But don’t forget about usual restriction on updates, no changes there!

Have a good giveaway day!
GOTD team.

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I'm not a musician but this GAOTD looks like a terrific product, since it supports almost all instruments out there (bass, drum, piano and guitar), enabling you to even choose the type of each one.

So if you are into this field or just want to have fun, this GAOTD is the right tool for you!


Hard task to me today....let's see....

E voilà, my secret sw found this 4u:


50 bucks?? Hmmm....


Giovanni  –  10 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+129)

Dear GOTD users,

we apologize for the missunderstanding about the license duration. We have discussed the issue with the Developer and agreed on the lifetime license, so it's not going to expire after one year of usage.

But don't forget about usual restriction on updates, no changes there!

Have a good giveaway day!
GOTD team.

Giveaway of the Day team  –  10 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+103)

Message from AthTek Software - the vendor of AthTek DigiBand:

Installation and Registration

1. Please download the package and follow the steps to install AthTek DigiBand to your computer.
2. You will be asked to generate the key on our website AthTek.com. Simply fill in the form and then you will get a key.
3. Free updates are not included. If you want to use a higher version (v1.6+), buy one of your own.
4. Internet connection is needed in registration process.
5. AthTek DigiBand is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

AthTek Software provides free online support for this giveaway. If you have questions about AthTek DigiBand, please feel free to contact our support team directly at http://www.athtek.com/contact.php

It is recommended to read the Software Overview and Tutorial of AthTek DigiBand before you send out the support ticket.

If you have any question or suggestion about AthTek DigiBand, please leave your comments below or contact us directly. We will try to respond as soon as possible. We will read all your comments carefully and make efforts to improve our software according to your suggestions.

AthTek  –  10 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+79)

I didn't expect much when I installed DigiBand (laptop, Vista 32, no issues)- but I was pleasantly surprised. It actually has musical chops! I picked a few settings and auto-composed a decent little tune on my 2nd try. A few tweaks, like switching to mid, some different voicing and volume settings, add/delete instruments, and it was rollicking away. Give it a short piece as the seed for a tune, and it will come up with a nice enough tune with minimal help and loads of possibilities - something I can actually turn into a playable piece.

I've played guitar for many years and have looked for a composition package to help coax the dittys I make up in my head into real music, and this looks like just the thing. No long learning curve, ability to input via mic so I can hum what I "hear" in my head, great visualization feature, some nice tweaking features, good composition algorithms, and suddenly I'm writing a positive review.

DigiBand surprised me; it is a lot more competent musical software package than I expected. I still have loads of things to explore, but just a few minutes with it convinced me that it's well worth having and using. I'm going to give it an "early" 9 out of 10, just based on the initial time I've spent with it. Well done, AthTek, and thanks for bringing it here to GOTD.

JL  –  10 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+57)

Hello Benny,

yes you are right my entgish is not so perfect (I am german), so you may say confused, but as an excuse I must say I was kind of really impressed by the software and wanted to tell this to the developers. It is really the peace of software I was looking for quite a long time. Evrything else on the market is too complicated (like band in a box or ludwig in germany for example) or lacks important functions for me. So please apologize my bad english, the exitement is honest.


Richard  –  10 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+48)

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