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Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery 2.4 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery 2.4

Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery is an easy to use yet powerful flash gallery making software that displays your digital photos in an interactive and elegant 3D photo gallery for MySpace, Blogger and your personal websites easy and fast.
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Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery 2.4 a fost chilipirul zilei în 4 ianuarie 2011

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Un editor de imagini pentru conversia fotografiilor în Schițe creion.

Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery 2.4 este  un program puternic, uşor de folosit pentru crearea rapidă şi uşoară a galeriilor flash care să etaleze pozele dvs. într-o galerie foto 3D elegantă şi interactivă pentru MySpace, Blogger şi pentru pagina dvs. web. Nu aveţi nevoie de cunoştinţe flash pentru a crea prima dvs. galerie flash 3D.

Adăugaţi poze şi muzică şi alegeţi din varietatea de şabloane flash 3D presetate pentru a crea galerii flash personalizate pe care să le arătaţi prietenilor şi familiei.

Caracteristici cheie:

    • Adăugă până la 500 de poze într-un singur proiect flash
    • Importă multple melodii şi muzică de fundal
    • Puteţi seta titlul pozelor şi hiperlink-uri
    • Alegeţi din 21 de şabloane de galerii flash 3D predefinite
    • Personalizaţi galeria foto 3D prin setarea de nimipictograme animate şi efecte la derularea galeriei
    • Setaţi timpul automat de afişare a pozelor
    • Publicaţi galeria şi încărcaţi-o pe orice pagină web pentru a fi vazută de prieteni şi familie.

      Cerinţe minime de sistem:

      Windows 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000



      Pagina de pornire:


      Dimensiunile fişierului:

      17 MB



      GIVEAWAY download basket

      Developed by Corel Corporation
      Developed by The GIMP Team
      Developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated
      Import 3D objects and decide where to place them in the 3D model.

      Comentarii la Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery 2.4

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      Comentarii de top în engleză

      On October 14, 2010 Annesoft Flash Gallery Classic (Version was offered. It is a terrific program. It is advertised above as the last offering before this comment section.

      Does anyone have any idea whether today's offering is a better version? If so, would it be installed over the Classic version or would an uninstall be preferred?

      A suggestion to GAOTD: While we LOVE what you are doing and offering daily, it would be very thoughtful of you/and/or the manufacturers if they would include references to their previous offerings so we would easily know where we stand with their previous offering. Something as simple as "This is a more advanced version," or "This is an improved version," or "This is different because...." Also, their preference for install such as "Install over the previous version" or "Uninstall the previous version before installing this," or as some of your awesome manufacturers already do: "This version will uninstall the previous version for you automatically."

      Thanks GAOTD for listening and Thanks Aneesoft for the super Classic Gallery last time!!!

      Dan  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+179)

      @ Barry -- Comment 11 -- ... and *you* should make sure of your facts before criticizing a perfectly valid request: the previous offering was "Flash Gallery Classic" (v2.0) and this is "3D Flash Gallery" (v2.4). The two are separate products both sold on the Aneesoft web site (Classic now also has a v2.4), and they seem to differ in the templates they include. Bottom line, keep your existing "Classic" if you install "3D". As for the general request that some comparative information about current and previous offerings be included by GOTD, I would like to second it: it is often unclear (because of slight name changes or the lack of version information) whether or how a new offering differs from a previous one.


      Jacques  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+105)

      I strongly agree with # 3 Dan's request. I have made the same request many times. Maybe if there is enough requests some thing will be done. Please publishers include in the readme file advice on how to install your program if you are offering an updated version. It would be a great help to know how to install as I have read many times users uninstalling older versions only to find the new version will not register. It only takes a few minutes to write the reasme file. Please take the time.

      gpc111  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+48)

      I have to add this, what I said about resizing to 60% is true at a canvas-size of 600 x 460 px and 400 x 400 px originals. Did some more experiments with other canvas-sizes and it simply resizes to something that fits the canvas size. Makes it smaller or larger. You can not maintain your original image size. Neither can you maintain your original image quality. Even at high quality it uses a very high compression factor resulting in very blurry images.
      I think the program would greatly improve if in the output settings the size of the actual slideshow could be set, instead of the background canvas size and slide image size and output image compression factor could be set by the user.

      tobber  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+34)

      If you want a quick and easy way to make a flash slideshow this will do the job. Only one huge handicap which in the end makes this program useless, in the output flash-file it resizes your photos to about 60% and there is no way to prevent this.

      tobber  –  11 years ago  –  A fost util acest comentariu? da | nu (+32)

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